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24 NEON - Full Case packed 4/24 $194.25

Full Case Special! Get 4 boxes of 24 Shells (96 Canisters), including 4 mortar tubes per box (16 total). These shells are the most amazing canister shells ever offered to consumer fireworks!

24 NEON was designed to showcase the new bright vivid colors of fireworks. Full 60 grams of one solid color! Neon Blue, Neon Green, Magenta, Lemon Yellow, and Violet to name a few. You also get 6 mine burst to comet shells, and 6 neon strobe waterfall shells. These effects have never been offered in a 60 gram canister shell until now. Each shell is individually marked with its own color or effect, making it easy to color match to your show. Each box comes with 4 mortar tubes and 24 shells. A Brand New Product brought to you by Pyroland Fireworks.