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Laying Down the Law

Looking to Lay it Down this year in your back yard? Check out this deal... A Huge Assortment featuring World Class and Megabanger products. Over 25 multi-shot cakes, 12 reloadable shells, and 5 different saturn missile batteries! Loaded with all the good aerial displays that light up the sky!



NEW ITEM - Epic Adventure Assortment - SOLD OUT ONLINE

Take advantage of this Amazing Discount! Over $359.00 in product Now offered at $249.99 while inventory lasts!

The Epic Adventure Assortment includes a 24 shot box of Continumm Shells with 4 mortars. That is correct. True 60 Gram Canister Shells finally offered in an assortment! You will also get 9 Top Choice Display Cakes, and 3 Beautiful Fountains lasting over 60 seconds each. A True Show in a Box!



King Assortment

This assortment features fireworks from World Class, Megabanger, and Boomer. It comes complete with sparklers, reloadable shells, foutains, multi-shot repeaters, and tube shells. One of our best selling packs!



Stars & Stripes

Stars and Stripes should be a part of every fireworks celebration. This great little assortment includes everything you need for a great show. Fountains, small cakes and even some artillery will be sure to give everyone something they enjoy. A great value!



Star Power (all fountains)

This assortment is 100% Safe and Sane and is full of beautiful fountains.



Neon Lights (all fountains)

Perfect little assortment 100% Safe and Sane and full of fountains.



One For the Money - Grab Bag

Enjoy this grab bag assortment with a little of everything.



Bucket of Fireworks

Safe and sane assortment containing small and medium sized fountains, poppers and more!



Back Pack of Fireworks

The Jr. Pyro can get this fireworks Backpack trimmed in Patriotic Red or Blue. Filled with Cone, Cylindrical and Box Fountains and, Novelty Items that include Snappers, Sparklers, Snakes and 5 different sizes and types of Poppers. If camping out, make sure you take Mom and Dad!