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What fireworks are legal to buy in Washington State?

April 25th, 2011 at 11:51 pm

In Washington State, All Class C fireworks are legal except firecrackers, bottle rockets, and sky rockets.  As long as its Class C UNO336 1.4G Fireworks, it is fully legal in Washington State.  Some citys in the state, have further regulated what Class C fireworks can be shot.  This is where the term "safe and sane" comes from cause these citys only allow ground fountains and the such.  But for most of Washington State, you still get to light the good stuff that shoots high in the air.  And thats what we sell at Pyroland Fireworks in Sumner, Washington.   Visit our WA Fireworks Laws page for more information from the State of Washingtons site. 

At Pyroland Fireworks in Sumner, Washington you can buy all the good aerial display fireworks.  500 Gram Cakes, Artillery Shells, Mortar Tubes, Roman Candles, 3" Display Tube Racks, Multi Shot Night Displays, Family Assortments and more.  Visit our online store to see the items we sell.

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